supply system and applying putty on the bottom of the car is a typical installation of a standard mastic supply volume 200l drums. However, there are 2 options of equipment layout. First option: the system consists of two identical units, switch between them automatically. Control of the equipment is carried out by means of a pneumatic control cabinet. This embodiment is a priority, as allows for a continuous supply of mastic on line application. Second Embodiment: The system consists of a single unit. Control of the equipment, also carried out by means of a pneumatic control unit. In this embodiment, the stop of the material in connection with the change barrels.

To clean dirt from the material used filtration system consisting of two filters with the ability to easily replace one of them, while the other is in operation.

material feed to the post deposition is carried by pipeline from carbon steel.

Mastic applied to the underside of the vehicle using airless spray guns.