The pipes and unites specifically used for the painting material to be applied are highly advanced systems require to be precisely designed and constructed.

Our company possesses the knowledge and experience originates from years of installation and adjustment of either the low (up to 30 bar) and high (up to 500 bar) pressure feeding lines, extremely challenging systems for viscous medias (like glues, sealers, mastics), other projects to require comprehensive and bespoke approach. At all plants in Russia, we proudly find the works our company securely and exhaustively executed (Nissan, Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, AvtoVAZ, GAZ, UAZ).

We may assure all our partners, that no unit will and system parameter will be left without attention from our side. During the designing process, we definitely pay most attention to:

  • The flow speed controllers;

  • Pipelines durability;

  • Fixing units and couplings;

  • Thermal measuring and control sensors;

  • The technology in general, to make it most customer- friendly and efficient at the same time.

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