In modern industry, two-component paintwork materials based on epoxy and polyurethane are becoming more widespread. These paintwork materials have higher performance characteristics than traditional ones. At the same time, two-component paintwork materials have a higher cost and require a more responsible approach in preparation and application. Installations with separate feed and automatic mixing allow to solve the problem of the most effective application of two-component paintwork materials.

Media Engineering offers complete systems for feeding, metering and mixing two / three-component paints based on Graco ProMix pumps and metering units. We successfully integrate these systems in both manual painting production and robotic workstations.

The introduction of such complex of equipment:

  • Significantly increase labor productivity;

  • Reduce the consumption of paints and varnishes by 1.5-2 times

  • To minimize the influence of the "human factor" and, as a consequence, the marriage of the paintwork of your products.