Our company successfully copes with one of the most difficult tasks in the automation of conveyor production - Robotization of the painting process.When introducing painting robots, it is necessary to provide and control the largest volume of technological aspects..

The main ones include:

  • overall dimensions and complexity of the product to be painted;

  • type and tact of the conveyor, the ability to position the product;

  • painting technology and painting method: Airless Air Less, Combined Air Mix, Combined Electrostatic, Pneumatic Electrostatic, Electrostatic Bell Technology;

  • type of paint material;

  • safety of using robots for humans;

  • ensuring fire safety measures for all components and technology as a whole.

Painting robots are used for the automated application of paints and other coatings on plastic and metal parts of various sizes and shapes, in the production of cars and trucks, lifting and agricultural equipment, home and garden furniture, tableware and much more..

The use of robots in production is determined by the following factors:

  • Increased productivity

  • Significant savings in paint and varnish material

  • Improving product quality

  • Elimination of the influence of the human factor

  • Reducing the impact of harmful production factors on workers.

The portfolio and references of the Media Engineering company allow our customers to fully use equipment with robotic painting chambers of any complexity..