total of 30 years for the creators of the South Korean company Hyundai, to stand on an equal footing with the giants and the entire automotive industry to justify its name (translated Hyundai - is present). Thousands of professionals persistently raised image of the company by investing in car modern knowledge and technology. Already in the first year of creation (1967) Power of Hyundai allowed to produce up to 20,000 light trucks and passenger cars. It is therefore quite natural that cars today is listed on 5 thousand dealers around the world. A revenue automotive giant as of 2008 amounted to over 72 billion

Company MOBIS firmly captured segment of the international market for auto parts, where she sells components to Hyundai and produces modules that are used for repair, tuning and styling Asian vehicles Kia, Hyundai, Ssang Yong. Its primary function - providing high performance automakers Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor. Under the brand name MOBIS has 15 factories who supply auto parts to almost all over the world. Fast delivery of spare parts is possible due to the complex logistics company, which includes not only stocks, but also its own transport company.

«most respected automaker" - this title was awarded the Toyota Corporation for supporting a high level of customer satisfaction from the use of its products. Demand for reliable beautiful cars, which were exported to all five continents, in 2006 the figure was calculated enormous - more than 8.8 million per year. Thanks to her, the car market went hybrid technology, which is representative of the Toyota Prius. Toyota of volume of receipts included in the list of 500 largest companies of the world. And for the implementation of such a giant company bypassed as General Motors, which is not inferior to anyone championship for 76 years. In 2012, a Japanese corporation Toyota managed to get ahead along with GM and Volkswagen.

One of the most important products in the history of the automobile take company cars Renault (France). These powerful machines invariably participate in the most prestigious competitions, demonstrating the reliability of the cars and the constant updating of technology in its production. Represent racing car Renault taken the most famous racers, including Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost. Today car brand Renault represented in 118 countries, with the dealer network includes more than 13,000 missions. The importance of the company speaks eloquently of its annual revenue, which according to the results of 2011 amounted to 41.2 million euros. Renault car more than 10 years holds the leading position in the commercial class cars.

Brilliant idea bicycle manufacturers to build in the frame of two-wheeled machine cylinder engine gave birth to the now world famous company Skoda. Rapidly rising from a primitive bicycle with a motor vehicle to light, the company quickly began to develop new manufacturing facility, purchase equipment, seek sources of investment. Today, the production of the magnificent car Skoda Superb, which was erected in the category of high-class cars, there are 18 thousand people, and the company covers one third of the needs in the workplace in the Czech Republic. With 80% of the products are exported to 64 countries around the world.

powerful global automotive giants partner Toyota, Ford, Isuzu, SsangYong is Russia's leading auto company Sollers. Her areas successfully mastered edition Japanese trucks, SUVs Korean and Russian, as well as automobile engines ZMZ. In recent years, enterprises of different mastered edition line of cars most famous trade brands. In a relatively short period of existence, the company Sollers reach the vanguard of the Russian automotive market, to develop more than 15 new units of production, master production facilities designed to produce 550 thousand cars per year. The result of sales in 2013 was the implementation of 97,300 powerful SUVs, crossovers and commercial cars.

famous SUV Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (Russia) Uaz become more recognizable in foreign markets. Thus, only in the past year were exported more than 10,000 vehicles a truly masculine, capable of dealing with setbacks. During this period, motorists representatives from over 20 countries were able to evaluate not only the "fighting" the quality of Russian car, but also a modern design, featuring sleek. The plans for 2014 provided by the plant management improvement warehouse logistics, as well as the conquest of a new priority on the implementation of the SUV markets in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

desire to take the company in the automotive industry leaders allowed in 2007 in terms of production claim "Autotor" on the 2nd place among automakers Russian Federation. At the production facilities of the company mastered more than 30 models of popular cars of famous brands. In 2016 the company "Autotor" is to increase the volume of car production to 250 thousand units. Convenient location logistics center allows you to freely enter the markets of Poland and Lithuania. In future it is planned to learn a new road network, which will open free access to Berlin Gdyansku, Baltic States and Scandinavia. Autotor supported by their famous partners plans to build five new car assembly plants, 15 - for the production of automotive components, as well as training centers, which would push even higher prestige of the enterprise.