Our company specializes in the development and production of robotic cells for various purposes and designs in accordance with the customer's production technology. The main task of robotic cells is the high-performance, accurate and most economical application of highly viscous liquid media to the customer's product. These technologies are most widely used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and instrument making..

Our robotic cells make it possible to dose any materials with high precision and apply them to parts of any configuration. Media Engineering specializes in complex technical solutions for such applications as: high-temperature hot-melt adhesive application (at temperatures up to 200 ° C), the use of two-component sealants with a limited lifetime, as well as the use of high-viscosity pastes..

Technological units of a robotic cell for applying glue or sealant:

  • Feeding system - designed depending on the parameters of the glue or sealant to be applied;

  • Pressure and flow control and management system;

  • Part kinematics and feeding into the application area can be realized in a variety of ways: rotary table / conveyor, transfer system;

  • Directly robot and applicator;

  • Control and visualization system;

  • Safety system.

Stages of design and manufacture of a robotic cell:

  • Creation of technical specifications;

  • visualization of the technological process in the RoboGude program;

  • creation of working drawings and specifications;

  • production of robotic cell;

  • commissioning, programming and test application on the production base of our company;

  • installation of a finished robotic cell at the customer's enterprise, training of customer's personnel,

Terms of project completion from technical specifications to mass production from 8 to 10 weeks