When installing windshield and rear window of cars on the inner surface glass with a layer of glue which can be heated to a medium (40-50 ° C) or high (100-110 ° C) temperatures. Adhesives supply system are divided into two types, in accordance with the temperature required for the application of a particular material. In a first embodiment for applying adhesives with temperature less than 70 ° C are used Position type GRACO WARM MELT, which consume less energy. In the second case, for applying adhesives whose temperature is from 100 to 200 ° C are applied Position Type GRACO THERM-O-FLOW.

material feed to the site is carried out by applying the heated hose if the distance is less than 10m pistol or heated tubing, if the distance to the gun ranges from 10 to 45 am

Application heated glue gun made ​​using a special nozzle, which allows to put the material in the form of a triangular profile.